Aloha Angels is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit on the island of Kauai - EIN# 82-2315558


Adopt a Teacher

How the Program Works


Adopt a Teacher program is in its 6th year. A classroom is adopted by an individual, couple, business or civic organization. Classroom Angels contribute $700 and commit to spend one hour a week in their adopted class, take students on a field trip, and work with the teacher and parents to improve student performance. Classroom Sponsors simply contribute $500 for each teacher they wish to adopt and the funds are placed in the teacher's purse through our Class Wallet system. Teachers can purchase online or purchase locally and use their Class Wallet for reimbursement.

Program Purpose

Adopt a Teacher was created to provide support for teachers to get supplies, and learning tools for their students, as well as fund field trips. It is well known that teachers spend their own funds to get supplies for their classroom. On an island where the cost of living is so, teachers so appreciate the help and community support. The students as well get to experience the support of the local community.

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