Aloha Angels is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit on the island of Kauai - EIN# 82-2315558

Adopt an After-School Club

Taught by Teachers!


The program gives teachers an opportunity to share one of their passions with the students. Teachers are trained to understood the power of mentoring and make sure to give each child individualized attention

Community Volunteers Enhance


Volunteers from the Kauai community are certified as Part time teachers (PTT) which allows local experts in areas like art, 3D printing, robotics, etc. to add to the roster of mentors.

Bring forward the Joy


Many teachers have shared that being able to teach a subject they have a keen desire and passion for reignites the joy of teaching for them.

Clubs can Collaborate


Some schools will have the clubs collaborate. Kilauea Elementary had one club for Drama, one for Chorus. and one for set production and design. The resources were pooled together to perform the production Shrek.

Filling a Huge Need


Aside from the Boys and Girls Clubs, there are virtually no after school activities at elementary and middle schools. Aloha Angels would like to fund as many clubs as we have teachers for!

Measure the Progress


Club mentors are required to note the impact of the students. For instance, 4th graders are tested for science proficiency. At one school, students were tested and the proficiency level was 35%. The next year, after students had participated in the Science Olympiad clubs, the proficiency level rose to over 60%. Our clubs make a big difference


Our Adopt an After-School clubs are providing an opportunity for students to learn and be mentored!